Fall is known for pumpkin spice and autumn color. But we consider it the sugar season. Many folks consume more candy than usual from Halloween through Christmas. It’s important to care for your smile all year round to prevent cavities and other problems – but especially during these months. Fortunately, it’s not too hard.

Call Bickler Dentistry at 503-647-4645 today if you or any family members are due for exams and cleanings. In the meantime, check out our suggestions for sugar season:

  • Skip Sour Candies – Steer clear of any candy with “sour” in the name, like Sour Patch Kids. These treats are highly acidic and thus especially bad for your teeth. They weaken the enamel, which makes your teeth prone to decay. For this reason, you should also avoid brushing for at least half an hour if you do eat sour treats. Since your enamel will be weak, you risk damaging it by brushing. 
  • Treat Yourself to Chocolate – The good news is, chocolate is one of your best choices for candy. Since it melts quickly in your mouth, it washes easily away from your teeth. For added health benefits, choose dark chocolate or chocolate with nuts. 
  • Make Deals With Your Kids – If your kids come home from trick-or-treating or class parties with pounds of candy, consider making a deal to “buy” some of the candy – especially stuff like sour treats. They might appreciate the opportunity to earn some cash if they are saving up to make a special purchase. You can then take the extra candy to your office and leave it in the break room. Or check with local food pantries or nursing homes and see if they’d be interested in it. 
  • Don’t Eat Too Much Sugar at Once – It’s a good idea to enjoy a few pieces of candy right away and then stow the rest of it out of sight. Distribute it a few pieces at a time. After meals is a good time for eating sugary stuff. Your mouth is filled with more saliva right after a meal, which helps wash away sugars and other harmful substances. 
  • Get Crafty With Candy – Do you like kids like baking goodies or making crafts? You can use extra candy for those things instead of just eating it as is. There are lots of recipes and craft ideas online. One fun idea: Save some Halloween candy to use as building materials for gingerbread houses during the Christmas season. 
  • Ask Us About Preventive Treatments – To give the kids and cavity-prone adults in your family a little extra protection from cavities, ask us about fluoride and/or dental sealants. These preventive services can really help! According to the CDC, school-age children without sealants get three times as many cavities as their peers who have sealants. 

Let us help you care for your smile! Call us today at 503-647-4645 to visit our office in Salem, OR. Or you can schedule online.