Bone Grafts in Salem, OR

A bone graft procedure makes it possible to get dental implants if your jawbone is otherwise too weak or too thin to support them. With bone grafts in Salem, you can enjoy all the benefits of implants including:

  • A beautiful smile that you’ll proudly show off wherever you go
  • The ability to eat and enjoy all your favorite foods without worry
  • Clear speech so you avoid embarrassment and don’t have to repeat yourself
  • Better oral health and total body health
  • A younger, more robust appearance

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Improve Your Life With a Bone Graft

You may be like many of our patients and want to get dental implants so you can replace your missing teeth. If you’ve ever been told you’re not a good candidate for implants because your jawbone isn’t strong enough, we have some good news for you. Using a bone graft procedure, we can strengthen your jaw and make it possible for you to get implants and new teeth.

To do your bone graft, Dr. Bickler will place either donor bone or a synthetic bone material into your jaw where your teeth are missing. The procedure is simple and straightforward. However, if you’re nervous about your treatment, you can choose laughing gas or a small pill for your sedation. You can even opt for both methods if you want. Dr. Bickler will administer the sedation and make sure you get just the right amount.

After the bone material is placed:

  • It will spur the growth of new bone cells in your jaw.
  • In a few months, your jaw will be strong enough to support dental implants.
  • You can then get your implants. After a healing period, we’ll attach replacement teeth to them.
  • You’ll enjoy all the benefits that go along with implants, like a winning smile and strong bite.

For bone grafts in Salem, call Bickler Dentistry today at 503-647-4645. You can also make an appointment online.