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  • Relax with a choice of sedation options
  • Receive gentle treatment to protect your smile
  • Feel at home with pillows, blankets, & headphones

Tooth Removal or Extraction in Salem, OR

If you need Salem tooth extraction, you don’t have to look any further than Bickler Dentistry. Dr. Corey Bickler is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry and has years of experience helping patients just like you with their dental needs. If he can’t save your tooth, he’ll gently remove it. Below are several reasons why you should have your extraction performed here:

  • You can have your choice of sedation options – inhaled sedation with laughing gas, oral conscious sedation in pill form, or both of these options.
  • We offer you several amenities to help you feel at home, including pillows, blankets, headphones, and a beverage bar.
  • Our staff will take time to thoroughly explain your treatment and answer any questions you have.
  • We use some of the latest dental equipment like digital and panoramic X-rays and intraoral cameras for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

If you think you might need a tooth removed, don’t wait any longer – your oral health could depend on it. Call Bickler Dentistry today at 503-647-4645 to schedule an appointment.

Relieve Your Pain & Feel Better With Tooth Removal

No one wants to have a tooth removed. The truth is, our team will do all we can to keep from having to extract your tooth. We can save many damaged teeth with tooth fillings, root canals, and same-day crowns. However, if we’re not able to preserve your tooth with one of these treatments, we’ll recommend removing it.

If your tooth needs removal, you don’t have to be anxious. We offer fantastic sedation options that will help you relax comfortably while we tend to your smile. You’ll have a choice of either or both inhaled sedation with laughing gas or oral conscious sedation in pill form. Our team can explain these options in detail and you can decide what’s best for you.

In addition, we’ll numb the area of your mouth that we’re working on. Between local anesthetic and sedation, you’re assured of comfortable treatment without any pain. After your tooth is removed, we’ll provide you with complete post-surgery instructions so that you have a quick healing time with no problems.

Call Bickler Dentistry today at 503-647-4645 to schedule an appointment. For gentle tooth extraction in Salem, you’ve found the right dentist. You can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Tooth Removal/Extractions

How much does a tooth removal cost?

It is difficult to put a price on this service since each patient is different with unique needs. Other factors that come into play include the location of the tooth, its condition, and how many teeth need to be removed. We’ll be happy to examine your mouth when you come in for your initial consultation and X-rays. Then we can give you a good idea of the cost for your procedure.

How long does it take a tooth removal to heal?

While it will be a bit different for every patient, you can usually expect your extraction site to heal within 10 days. We will provide you with care instructions following your tooth removal. The more closely you follow them, the quicker you will recover. It’s important to treat the site gently, to keep the site clean, and to avoid certain kinds of foods for a few days.

Does tooth removal hurt?

Our team will do all we can to minimize any discomfort from your procedure. We’ll completely numb the area we’re working on so you don’t feel anything. In addition, we offer sedation options so you can lie back peacefully while we work. We may also give you a prescription for pain medication afterward. Our goal is to provide you with the most comfortable care we can.

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