Sedation Options Call For Painless Dental Care
  • Relax with your choice of sedation
  • Enjoy pillows, blankets, & headphones
  • Receive gentle treatment at every visit

Sedation Options in Salem, OR

Surveys show that most people have at least some anxiety about visiting the dentist. If you fall into that category, you’re in good company. The team at Bickler Dentistry works hard to ensure that every patient receives relaxing dental care. One of the ways we do this is by offering Salem sedation options. Sedation administered by Dr. Bickler will help you:

  • Get rid of your anxiety so you get beneficial smile care
  • Lie back comfortably during long procedures or multiple procedures at one visit
  • Reduce your gag reflex so you’re more at ease
  • Eliminate any discomfort by working with local anesthesia

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Relax & Enjoy Your Treatment With Dental Sedation

Dr. Bickler feels strongly that sedation is a necessary part of dentistry. That’s why he has completed sedation certification. He and the rest of our team are committed to providing the best dental care we can, so we offer you more than one sedation option to help you relax. We’ll help you decide which method is right for you. You can even receive both together if you feel especially nervous.

Your choices include:

  • Inhaled Sedation – You’ll breathe in a sweet-smelling gas, and nearly immediately you’ll begin to feel a sense of euphoria and lightness. Your cares will vanish as the gas takes effect. There is no lingering grogginess, so you can drive yourself home.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – Dr. Bickler will prescribe a small pill for you to take ahead of time. It will produce a complete sense of calm and relaxation. For this type of sedation, you’ll need to arrange a ride home after your treatment.

In addition to sedation, we offer a menu of amenities to help you feel more at home. You can take advantage of pillows, blankets, headphones, and a beverage station to get comfortable and feel relaxed.

Come experience our Salem sedation options at Bickler Dentistry. Call 503-647-4645 today to schedule your next dental cleaning and exam. You can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Sedation Options

Does sedation dentistry work for most patients?

Over the years, we have found that most patients respond well to our sedation options. If you tend to suffer from dental anxiety, we have a sedation method that will work for you. Our goal is to help you relax as much as possible so you can get the care your smile needs. We’ll do our best to make sure your procedure is completely pleasant.

What sedation options are available to me?

At Bickler Dentistry, we’re proud to offer you safe dental sedation options. You can choose between inhaled sedation with laughing gas or oral conscious sedation using a small pill. Either one will work great when it comes to eliminating your dental anxiety. We’ll help you determine which one is right for you.

Are your sedation options safe?

Yes, our sedation options are completely safe to use, especially when administered by a staff that’s as trained and experienced as the team at Bickler Dentistry. Laughing gas is so safe and mild that it is even approved for children. With oral conscious sedation, the pill you’ll take will be FDA-approved, so you can feel comfortable taking it with no problem.

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