Dentures Feel Confident To Pursue Your Goals
  • Choose from several types of dentures
  • Enjoy having all your teeth back
  • Smile & eat comfortably again

Dentures in Salem, OR

Today’s dentures are better than ever thanks to advances in materials and manufacturing. If you haven’t yet tried Salem dentures from Bickler Dentistry, you’re missing out on a wonderful opportunity to restore your teeth and improve your life. Our custom dentures will help you:

  • Eat and speak confidently without being self-conscious about your teeth
  • Improve your chewing ability so you’ll have easier digestion and better health
  • Replace one tooth, several teeth or a complete mouth of teeth
  • Speak more clearly so you can avoid embarrassment and having to repeat yourself

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Invest in Yourself With Custom Dentures

Modern dentures have come a long way since your grandfather’s old “false teeth” that you might remember from childhood. Today’s dentures fit better, perform better, and last longer. We offer several styles of dentures. Depending on your needs, you can select from:

  • Conventional Full Dentures – You can replace an entire arch of teeth on your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. You’ll remove these teeth for cleaning and care each day.
  • Conventional Partial Dentures – If you have some healthy teeth remaining, we’ll probably recommend a set of partials. They will clasp onto your existing teeth to stay in place.
  • Implant-Retained Dentures – We use Zest implant-secured dentures, which are held in place by a set of snaps and balls that are attached to dental implants.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures – Enjoy our most comfortable style of denture with this setup, which uses a sturdy metal bar anchored to dental implants.
  • Flippers – If you need to replace just one tooth, we can have a flipper made to fill in the gap in your smile.
  • Temporary Dentures – We use Bayshore temporaries to give you a set of teeth while your final restorations are being made.

To find out how Salem dentures can help you, call Bickler Dentistry today at 503-647-4645. You can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Dentures

Who might need dentures?

Dentures can replace either a few missing teeth or all your teeth, depending on your situation. We offer dentures in several styles to accommodate just about every patient. You can get partial or full conventional dentures that remove easily for cleaning, or you can stabilize your dentures with a set of dental implants for superior comfort and performance.

How long does it take to make dentures?

It can take a couple of weeks for our lab partner to make your final dentures. In the meantime, we can fit you with immediate dentures, which make it possible to bite, chew, and smile comfortably while you’re waiting. With immediate dentures, you’ll never be without a full set of teeth, giving you more confidence to show others your best smile.

How much do dentures cost?

The final cost of your dentures will depend on many factors, including the type of dentures you choose, the material the dentures are made from, and the condition of your mouth. We encourage potential denture patients to schedule a consultation so we can perform an exam, take a set of X-rays, and go over your options with you.

Can dentures fall out?

Traditional dentures that stay in place with dental adhesives will fit snugly and comfortably on top of your gums. Over time, however, they will need to be adjusted to maintain stability. To avoid this, we’re able to secure your dentures to dental implants. You won’t have to worry about your replacement teeth slipping or falling out when you eat or speak.

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