If you participate in any kinds of athletic activities, you probably put a lot of thought into your sports gear – from shoes to water bottles. To protect your teeth, you also need a mouthguard

A sports injury has a lasting impact on your smile – and your life. For proof, you can check out a short video featuring actor Joe Manganiello. In an interview, he reveals a gap in his teeth that resulted from a childhood accident with a baseball bat. Fortunately, we can outfit you with a custom-made mouthguard to prevent such injuries.

Since a custom guard is made using dental impressions, it fits much better than a store-bought sports mouthguard. So it will stay in place and is a lot less likely to get knocked out. The snug fit also means it’s more comfortable to wear. 

Need a mouthguard? If you play a sport, you do. To schedule a fitting in Salem, OR, call Bickler Dentistry at 503-647-4645. We’ll protect your smile!