Spring, a time of renewal and vibrant colors, is also the perfect opportunity to refresh your smile. With graduation season, weddings upon us, and vacations on the horizon, you’ll likely find yourself in front of a camera. At Bickler Dentistry, your dentist can help you create a beautiful smile with our comprehensive cosmetic solutions. 

Dr. Bickler may recommend: 

  • Professional Teeth Whitening: Our take-home kits or in-office whitening treatments are more effective than store-bought options, removing years of stains.
  • Dental Veneers: This option can dramatically change the appearance of your smile, making your teeth look perfect and eye-catchingly beautiful.
  • Dental Crowns: Your dentist can repair chipped or broken teeth more seriously, restoring your smile’s beauty with crowns. They’re made right here in our office!
  • Teeth Contouring –  Your dentist can remove excess gum tissue help your teeth take center stage, and redefine your gumline.

Curious about what to expect? Take a look at this video featuring your dentist talking about his approach to cosmetic treatments:

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