As temperatures rise, there’s nothing like indulging in a cold popsicle or a scoop of ice cream. But for some, that first bite can trigger a sharp, uncomfortable sensation. If you have sensitive teeth from cold or hot temperatures, it’s essential to discover the cause, as it can be related to an oral health issue. We wanted to explore some reasons for this problem and how we can help you.

Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

There are numerous causes behind your tooth sensitivity:

  • Gum Infection – One of the symptoms of gum disease is sensitive teeth. The reason is the gums have pulled away from the tooth, revealing the root of the tooth. This exposed area is highly sensitive to temperature changes and other stimuli, leading to discomfort when consuming cold treats.
  • Teeth Grinding – Grinding or clenching teeth wears down enamel and can create tiny cracks in teeth. These changes expose the more sensitive inner layers of the tooth, increasing overall sensitivity.
  • Brushing Too Hard – Aggressive brushing can erode tooth enamel and cause gum recession over time. Both of these effects can lead to increased tooth sensitivity by exposing less protected areas of the tooth.
  • Dental Damage – Cracks, chips, or decay in teeth can expose the inner dentin or even the tooth’s pulp. These exposed areas are much more sensitive to temperature changes and other stimuli than intact enamel.
  • Recent Dental Procedures – Some dental treatments can cause short-term increases in tooth sensitivity as the tooth adjusts. This sensitivity usually subsides as the tooth recovers from the procedure.

Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

Whatever the cause for this problem, our practice has a solution. We encourage you to make an appointment. Your dentist will examine your mouth and determine what’s necessary for you to restore your smile. They may suggest:

  • Improve Your Brushing Technique – Use a soft-bristled brush and gentle, circular motions. Avoid the motion of sawing back and forth when you brush. Also, replace your toothbrush if you haven’t recently. Old toothbrushes can have hardened bristles that damage your smile. 
  • Restorative Dental Care – If your tooth sensitivity is caused by dental damage, whether by injury, cavity, or teeth grinding, your dentist can repair your smile with a wide range of restorative procedures. We’ll help you regain your healthy smile so that you can enjoy your favorite summer treats again.
  • Customized NightguardIf you grind your teeth, a custom-fitted nightguard can help you avoid further damage. We can custom-design yours to fit you perfectly. Plus, yours will be made with high-quality materials, so it lasts longer than store-bought options.
  • Gum Disease Treatments – If your tooth sensitivity is caused by a gum infection, your dentist can treat the disease with a deep cleaning procedure. This will restore your gum health and reduce the long-term risks associated with the disease.

You don’t have to skip your summer favorites! If you are dealing with tooth sensitivity, call Bickler Dentistry today at 503-647-4645 to schedule an appointment in Salem, OR. You can also make an appointment online.