What we eat often plays a part in how lovely our breath smells. So, if you had onions on your sandwich or garlic on your pizza, you are probably well aware they don’t make your breath smell great. In fact, they can linger in your system long after you finish a meal. Fortunately, there are other foods that actually freshen your breath. We wanted to review a few of those today so you know which ones to grab for your next meal.

  • Apples

That satisfying crunch of biting into an apple can do your body and mouth a lot of good. Not only do crunchy fruits like apples scrape away plaque from your teeth, but it also contains polyphenols that help fight bad breath.

  • Lettuce

Our leafy green veggie also helps your breath. It improves the digestive process and contains nutrients that fight bad breath toxins. So, make sure you add some to your meal to keep your breath fresh.

  • Yogurt

Beyond a tasty morning food or snack, yogurt also has healthy bacteria that keep bad breath away. Try to avoid ones made with added sugar. Instead, opt for plain Greek yogurt and mix in berries for flavor. 

  • Cherries

This delicious red fruit is a great bad-breath fighter. It breaks up the odors caused by bacteria in your mouth. Plus, they taste delicious. Enjoy them on their own or mixed into a smoothie.

  • Parsley

If you’ve ever wondered why they put parsley on your plate at a restaurant, it’s because it can help mask your bad breath. Plus it has nutrients such as vitamin K which is excellent for your oral health.

However, if good oral hygiene and changing up your diet aren’t proving to be an effective way of keeping bad breath at bay, it may be time to schedule an appointment. Gum disease or tooth decay can often trigger this problem, so you don’t want to ignore it. We can also recommend products you can use at home.

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